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lady madonna
9 November 2008

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nic's pushie
31 July 2008

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plastic boy
26 July 2008

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surf club
3 June 2007

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27 May 2007

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red door
17 May 2007

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8 May 2007

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sticks and stones
1 May 2007

Recent Comments

sázky on who am I
great shot, exellent colours and details

Katalog stron on who am I
great image,exellent work,bravo

Mark on who am I
nice shot.Wish all the best and Happy New Year

Katalog Stron on who am I
nice image,great colours and details.fabulous

Ruch Poparcia on who am I
exellent shot,fantastic b/w work ,bravo

katalog firm on who am I
great composition,exellent picture

commercial photographers singapore on nic's pushie
nice shot! The rustic effect created by the lighting is gorgeous!

Michael Rawluk on who am I
You are an artist, that is who you are.

lisa v on hmong girl
one of the lovliest shots I've ever seen

Michael Rawluk on graphed back
Your work should be in every major gallery.

Michael Rawluk on plastic boy
You drive me crazy with your beautiful work. I am stunned by your work.

Kate Crowson on local mens
Peachester Halls Toilets? I think...

Michael Rawluk on cleft
This makes me weep. It is so sad (in my mind)

L.M.Noonan on beauty
Thankyou MSD, Michael and Lally. This photo is the result of a lesson in photoshop that I was giving to my youngest son ...

Lally on beauty
this is a great picture and i love the girls strength! is the tattoo real or added in?

Stefan on tintyped
Great work!

Michael Rawluk on under pressure
Juicy Hemoglobin Jam. I nearly split my gut. Beautiful colour against the black background. Gorgeous shot.

Michael Rawluk on beauty
A couple of views and this gets better each time. Almost Rembrandt type lighting. Whatever, it is wonderful.

MSD on eraser
so cool! How did u do this!

MSD on boy
cool composition..very interesting

MSD on beauty
This is the processing and the textures! Nice touch with the spot coloring!

Art (Bob) on oils ain't oils
Great colors, but it's so real you wonder when they'll begin to smell as all fish eventually do. I'm ...

Andrew Gould on oils ain't oils
Fabulous colours, detail and overall composition. Really quite exotic looking.

Michael Rawluk on oils ain't oils
Gorgeous colour but I feel like they are watching me.

Michael Rawluk on a face in the crowd
Mona lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you You're so like the lady with the mystic smile Is it only cause ...

Michael Rawluk on sebastian cured
Stunning portrait. Love the way you focus our attention on the eyes

Art Monkey on chevrolet
what a lovely red!!! - and i see you again :)

{H} creatives on headlight
Awesome capture! Nice concept...B-)

Carson on ford
Yellow and blue - wow!

Carson on headlight
Way cool.

Michael Rawluk on headlight
Beautifully done. The colour is wonderful.

Evi on headlight

Art Monkey on headlight
and i can see you!

Art Monkey on headlight
wow what a great shot! - it looks so futuristic and shiny :)

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on ford
Really cool, nicely framed!

Aubain on scarification
You have a poetic taste for beauty; there is an endless moment of continuity in your opera. What I read here is a ...

Art Monkey on 47 BUK
great symmetry - looks great in b&w - another wonderful and creative shot L.M.!

Michael Rawluk on 47 BUK
Whatever happened to those grimacing grills on the fronts of cars. Everything is so plastic now. Being an ancient ...

fly on 47 BUK
a man called Buk bought this when he was 47 years old? :D

Kheoh Yee Wei on local mens
haha,nice colors !

Michael Rawluk on local mens
There is something hypnotic about the peeling ovoidal shapes.

Carson on three little boys
Very cool....and disturbing in a way....nice one.

Michael Rawluk on three little boys
Egad! They should be in a horror movie. Beautifully shot but scary.

Rags on three little boys
wonderful image. Great composition.

Viewfinder on satkar
Nice slice of life.

Dimitrios on satkar

Michael Rawluk on blanket for me, pashmina for you?
The blue sure leaps on this shot. Then it draws the eye to his expressive face. Excellent shot.

Michael Rawluk on cow amongst the pidgeons
There is something very calm and peaceful here. Even the colours seem calming to me.

Christie on cow amongst the pidgeons
What a crazy and unusual photo. Where was this taken?

badala on cow amongst the pidgeons
What a phenomenal shot!

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